How to Restore and Clean Car Headlights

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Find out how to fix your car's headlights. Your nighttime headlights will instantly become brighter with this simple modification.


Over time, plastic lenses can become dull, damaged, and yellow. They can be polished to remove the haze. Rather than paying hundreds of dollars to replace them, you may restore your car's headlight lenses in 45 minutes for less than $15.


Tools Required

Flannel polishing cloth

Latex gloves

Masking tape

Wet & dry sandpaper (1000 to 2500 grit)


Materials Required

Plastic polish


Step 1: Sand and water wash


  • With warm, soapy water, clean the cloudy headlight.
  • Rinse well with clean water, then allow it to air dry.
  • Then use a mask to protect the region around the lens from paint scratches.
  • Sandpaper sheets should be wet before beginning with the appropriate grit.
  • Sand that is going one way.
  • The finer the grit on the sandpaper, the higher the number. Start with the 1,500 grit and work your way up to the 2,500 grit if the headlight is merely dim or yellowed. Use the 1,000-grit paper first if there are minor scratches.


Step 2: Rinse and Sand Vertically

Rinse and change direction with the next grit. Keep doing this until you're finished with the

2,500-grit paper.


Step 3: Buff the Lens with Polish

Wash the headlights well with lots of cool, clear water, then let it dry.

Apply polishing compound to one flannel cloth corner.

Polish the headlamp in a circular motion while applying firm pressure until it is smooth and clear.



Step 4: Polish the Lens

  • When the polish has dried, buff off any remaining polish with the cloth's clean end.

Continue the polishing procedure.

  • The degree of the headlight damage will determine whether any small regions still appear foggy. Try using a polishing compound to repolish only those areas.
  • Rebuffed the region and look it over. The lens should appear to be crystal clear.
  • Wash frequently with a mild detergent and a soft-bristle brush or sponge, flush with lots of water, then dry to keep foggy headlights clear.
  • Never use wax, polish, or any other chemical that isn't designed for the job to clean transparent plastic. And that is how you may clean your own headlights!
  • For those who are not mechanically inclined, working on a car can be scary, but some DIY car maintenance is surprisingly simple. At Meta car detailing we offer headlight restoration service and you can let our expert do the job for you.
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