How To Remove Dog Hair From The Car

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It goes without saying that you begin any hair removal process with a good round of vacuuming. Extracting the loose hair is the first step, and goes a long way to rid your car of the majority of the hair.

While this is an all-important step, it is the stubborn, embedded strands that are troublesome, so let’s get down to it.

Tip: Invest in a hand-held vacuum that is easy and convenient to use. A user-friendly, handy appliance will be used more often, and your routine will have a better chance of success.


One of the most common tools for removing hair from your car’s carpet or upholstery is a rubber glove. That’s right, just like the bright yellow glove worn to scrub toilets (but don’t use that one!). You can use a household rubber glove typically used for cleaning. If you choose this option, it’s good to get the ones with nubs on the palm side of the glove. You can also use a latex glove (or Nitrile glove if you have an allergy or are sensitive to latex).

Wearing a dry glove, run your hand over the seats and carpeted areas of your car, wiping from top to bottom and in one direction only. You can dampen the glove if the dry process does not produce the results you want. Moisture adds weight to the hair and helps it to clump.

A sponge or wet washcloth can be used in the same manner if you do not have rubber gloves on hand. You can also find gloves on the market that are specifically designed to remove pet hair, but you might want to try a regular household rubber glove first.

Velcro Curlers

This is a simple process that only involves running, or rolling, the curler over the surface area. This method works best on sturdier materials such as carpeting/flooring. This way can be used on upholstery, but you should try out the curler on a small test area to make sure that it won’t snag the fabric or make it pill.

The curlers can also bend which makes it handy to reach corners and tight spaces. Designate a few curlers for this purpose and keep them separate from others.

 A Balloon

Ever thought of using a balloon? An inflated balloon uses static electricity to attract pet hair. As you run the inflated balloon over the surface area, hair collects on the balloon which can then be wiped clean, reused as needed, and discarded when done.


If you’re short on time and want to get your car clean quickly, a squeegee can be a useful tool for pulling pet hairs into one area for speedy removal. With its thin rubber blade, a squeegee is the perfect tool for gathering up loose hairs and moving them into one spot, where you can hoover up the bits or pick them out of the carpet by hand.

Squeegees are ideal for use in the boot or for cleaning the back seats, as they let you do a large area in double-quick time. However, it’s easy to miss stray hairs and those more ingrained in the carpet fibres, it’s worth doing a proper clean with a vacuum when you get chance.(more)

Good for: Cleaning up pet hairs from large carpeted areas quickly.

Dedicated Pet Hair Cleaning Brush

If you’re committed to keeping your car clean and pet hair-free, forget everything we’ve suggested above (minus the vacuum cleaner) and invest in a dedicated pet hair cleaning brush. Recognising that pet owners are tired of finding traces of their dog in places where it shouldn’t be, some brands have come up with special brushes that are built to lift stray hairs from carpets and upholstery – for a hassle-free way to keep your car’s interior looking its best.

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