The Most Prominent Arab Crypto Community

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In general, it's a fact, and every conscious person knows that the Arab people are a very well-informed, innovative, and wealthy group. Although, a few years ago, regarding Blockchain technology, there has been very little information regarding its acceptance and adoption by the Arab nations and community. Could this be due to some governance views or opinions about the Crypto and financial industries? Well, that may be the case. 

However, in recent times, we have seen massive waves in adopting and using Blockchain technology, with all its innovations within the Arab world, with UAE (especially Dubai taking the lead). Of course, this further explains why the most extensive Crypto Exchange in the world (i.e., Binance) decided to set up its office there. This participation by Arabs is not likely to slow down anytime soon, considering the financial war chest at their disposal. As a result of this increasing adoption, many successful ICO projects have been launched by members of the Arab communities worldwide. But, when we talk about a successful and profitable ICO project, what exactly do we mean? What investments do you consider successful? Stay with Antidolos to know the most prominent Arab Crypto community and find the best Cryptocurrency investment.

Seek Opportunities in a Bear Market

Do you worry about the world's worsening economic and political instabilities, with nation states' inflation at an all-time high? Yet, despite these, are you looking for the best opportunities to multiply or increase your earnings?

Regarding investments, in a market downturn or economic crisis, all responsible and knowledgeable investors always want to hedge against inflation by storing and keeping their assets in precious metals such as gold and silver.  

In recent times, some proponents believe that keeping some part of one's assets in digital currencies such as Bitcoin can provide a better hedge against inflation, considering its limited maximum supply (i.e., 21 Million). In contrast, some believe that no form of digital assets can save anyone from this market turmoil. Overall, choosing a safe and secure option is the priority of any investment.

When writing this piece (i.e., May 2022), the Cryptocurrency market has lost more than 30% - 35% of its Marketcap or value. Also, a sizable notable project like LUNA lost over $3 billion, which is around 99.99% of the price of its total Marketcap, in less than 48 hours; this further confirms the need to do due diligence and take some profit along the way.

Safety Comes First

Safety is paramount, and you understand the importance. We are talking about ensuring your assets are well-protected and the crypto platforms we interact with are credible and trusted. Ultimately, safety should be the first focus in addition to making profits. So, join the Antidolos's ICO scams alert before leaving this page.

GulfCoin: The Most Prominent Arab Crypto Community

I'm sure you'll be wondering what this is all about. Let me introduce to you today a fascinating new project. An idea born from the hot deserts of the wealthy Arab countries aims to improve the adoption and use of Blockchain tech and the most prominent Arab Crypto community. A visionary mainly group from the middle east, especially the GULF countries, developed the GulfCoin idea. Did you know that most newly developed and third-world countries face problems with third parties regarding financial transactions? Moreover, the double-spending issues are not dropping, but GulfCoin aims to bring financial inclusion to the masses.

What Will Make the Most Prominent Arab Crypto Community?

The GulfCoin project is not like any other ICO or token launch. Before the ICO sales began on the 15th of March 2022, they already had up to $8 million in their coffers pre-ICO, making the projects' development smoother. Everything has been going according to plan, and the ICO is scheduled to continue until the 15th of June 2022. During the private pre-ICO, the token offerings were $0.0279 per piece, with unprecedented interest from investors. And now, the Soft cap (150,000,000 GULF Tokens) has been achieved. In addition to this, more than 210 million tokens were sold via, raking in $6,000,000.

During our survey, the tokens were distributed to more than 19.2K wallets (about 23K transactions), reflecting the project's team credibility.

The Gulfcoin Team

The Team Behind

We deal with a large international company with a strong team. 15 years of experience and knowledge of the board with large investors. The Arabian business Crypto academy, with more than four branches, has been one of the well-known partners.

The academy's mission is to empower its clients to make better and well-informed decisions while ensuring the best possible ROI (i.e., Return on Investment).

This 30-member team has various experiences in successful ICOs in the last five years. Their role is to ensure the company's best and most effective operational and administrative functions. As the most prominent Arab Crypto community, they have the best community specialist. They aim to put the best financial strategy and the milestones needed to reach the vision and mission of the company.

According to our research, GulfCoin has an anti-fraud certificate from Soken and KYC from both Soken and Solid proof. Also, you can safely check the whole team and their LinkedIn profile on the official website or Coinmarketcap.

The main goal of this project is not only to raise funds but, most importantly, to establish and bring together the most prominent Arab Crypto community for its massive and future upcoming projects. This project aims to be an all-in-one platform that provides everything you need (Exchange, NFT marketplace, high tech community, learning academy) within the Blockchain space.

More About The GulfCoin Project?


GULF is a multi-purpose project. The article will be boring if we want to explain it thoroughly, and it requires hours of discussion. However, if you are with us, you know that we, along with identifying a phony ICO, also introduce good and profitable options for investment. In short, GulfCoin is the most prominent Arab Crypto community that will provide all the needs and markets you want in one complete software and platform. Of course, this is an open project for all countries. There are no restrictions for anyone, and all those interested in Cryptocurrencies and NFTs can participate in the exchange, market, community, and GULF Academy.


It's an adapted version of the ICO website to make the buying experience more user-friendly for those who use mobile phones with an excellent live chat room.

GULF comes from Arabic culture, but with a global team, this coin plans to spread the Crypto-awareness in the newly developed and third world countries and the most prominent Arab Crypto community, which will drive them to the Crypto market.


  •         A complete financial Blockchain-related ecosystem
  •         Fully transparent roadmap
  •         Widespread adoption
  •         A team of more than 30 experts from around the world
  •         Jumping with a high initial capital ($8M) and reached the Marketcap (+$6M) in the ICO phase
  •         Completely legal, transparent with the complete legal licenses
  •         Unique idea and focusing on top specific markets

What is The GulfCoin CSR and Value?

The GulfCoin emerged from the most prominent Arab Crypto community with a global team and worldwide vision. This project plans to spread the Crypto-awareness in the newly developed and third world countries and the Arabic communities, which will encourage their participation in the crypto market. Furthermore, intends to launch a worldwide Blockchain-focused academy (including NFT education) in Istanbul, Beirut, and Erbil and for further expansion in the future.

Is this legit, and are there any partnerships?

The GulfCoin whitepaper is a legit and significant project with over 35 international business partners and cooperation with +100 other third parties.

This project allows you to buy staking packages and learn all about the GULF and its upcoming projects. In addition, you can verify all their certificates, development team, and social media platforms. To learn more about this project, check right now!

Why should people invest in the most prominent Arab Crypto community?

The answer to this question is not something you get in an article and a moment. We jumped to the project to get the answer for you. Because it is a financial inclusion community in the Cryptocurrency world, if you are looking for a simple solution, people should invest in GulfCoin to join the most prominent Arab Crypto community and take advantage of all the upcoming projects released starting the 15th of June.

Do you like to know about the two years mid-term plan? In that case, you should know by the end of 2024, most of the supply will be released, and only 1 Billion GULF will remain locked according to the Tokenomics, plus most of the projects will be launched, knowing that in 2022 both GULF exchange and NFT market place will be released.

It is related to its various Blockchain and finance projects (exchange, NFT marketplace. Gulf Cash, gaming, private Blockchain, and learning academy)

Concluding remarks about the most prominent Arab Crypto community

We tried very hard to find the weaknesses of this project. Like what we have done in these two years and on Antidolos IEO rating and review. To wrap it up, despite the impending bear market, the project is promising and hard to fault if they stick to its roadmap. So if you are interested in the latest Blockchain news, don't hesitate to follow us on Antidolos.

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